Artwork For Sale

Scroll - 59.5cm x 93cm. Escape from the ash (prize winner International Sumi-E Association exhibition Tokyo 2019).

Scroll - 94cm x 64cm. The Survivor Fuji Sankeai Business Press award 2015 Limited prints available.

Scroll - 120cm x 70cm. Hidden Dragon Limited prints available

Scroll - 34cm x 65cm. Go Around

Scroll - 135cm x 50cm. Kindaishi Geijyutsu Shinbunsya Prize 2010

Scroll - 135cm x 70cm. Landscape Asahi Shinbun prize - Int. Sumi-E Assoc. 2011

Scroll - 65cm x 67cm. Silence on Macleay Island

Scroll - 140cm x 70cm. Lotus in Heaven

Scroll - 135cm x 50cm. Kyoto Pine

Scroll -136cm x 69cm. Drunken Dragon with Cherry Blossom. Limited prints available.

Framed - 126cm x 66cm. Splash

All artworks can be shipped locally, interstate or internationally. Please email me via my contacts page for all sales enquiries. Hover your mouse pointer over the images below for details. Thanks